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In July of this year my father was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, an aggressive type of skin cancer that attacked his lymph nodes and salivary glands.

Recently he underwent an invasive surgery to have a tumor and 20 infected nodes removed from his neck and throat.

It’s been a very rough time around the shoppe, with heated arguments over stupid things and crying for small reasons like a broken needle. Today added a cherry to the sundae of ugh.

His cancer has spread and he needs more aggressive treatments. My father has the best providers working non-stop in his fight to survive, but some aren’t as lucky.

StandUp2Cancer is an organization that not only acts to raise awareness with celebrity endorsements, but also reaches out to those who need help.

Starting October 1st the shoppe will be offering bjd wrist bands (that also double has people rings!) in hopes to generate donations and awareness to a great cause.

All proceeds will be donated to StandUp2Cancer and you will receive our gratitude in the form of a band.

Those who purchased (or won) a Mystery Crate for the month of September will receive a band, a note of thanks, and part of your box proceeds went to fighting the good fight.

There are many other worthy charities making great strides in the field of delicate medicine. We are not discounting them at all. (My brother chose to support F—- Cancer, for example.)

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